Dinar Options

Interested in Dinar but don’t want to hold so much currency? Want to participate in the large potential upside but without the risk? Well, Dinar Options may be for you. For a low payment, you can hold the option to buy dinar for 30, 60 or 90 days. If the price of Dinar goes up, you can realize the gain from your investment. If the price stays the same or moves down, you choose to not exercise your option. At no time can you lose more than your option premium!

About Dinar Options pricing

These dinar options gives you the right to buy 100,000 Iraqi Dinar at any time during the dinar option period. The option expiry is defined to be from the time the order is placed plus the number of days offered in the option. Days are calculated to be a certain number of hours from the time the order is placed, calculated as Number of Days * 24. For example, a 30 days dinar option will expire exactly 720 hours (30 * 24) from the time of purchase.

Options are not refundable and have no return policy. If paying by personal check, the option period is valid from the moment of purchase, but will be cancelled if the check is not received and cleared within seven days of purchase.

Options always carry the risk of expiring worthless. As with any investment, use common sense when investing.

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